Thursday, October 22, 2020
              Protected Right
                       Fully protecting your
                       critical business data.

By now, you probably understand the importance of protecting your data. While virus software, firewalls, and other security measures are all a vital component of proper computer and network maintenance, the only way to ensure that your data will always be safe is to back it up.  Whether your computers store data for your business such as customer records or personal data such as digital pictures of your family, protecting your data from the unexpected is critical.

Traditional methods of backup include tapes, CDs and DVDs, ZIP drives and floppies. All of these methods have significant disadvantages. Backups are generally not automatic and even more importantly, someone has to physically transfer the media offsite where it must be stored in a safe place.

Fortunately, Internet technology has now allowed a vastly superior method of backing up: online backup.  Online Backup (sometimes also referred to as remote backup) has considerable advantages over other backup methods.

Protected Right is a backup service that we have developed to provide you a means to securely backup your valuable computer data both locally and over the Internet.  Protected Right completely automates the process of backing up your data.  We implement a two-fold approach to backups.  To ensure that systems are recoverable, we configure a local backup of system state and ALL files to local media, such as removable hard drives attached to your server.  Then we configure a subset of that data that has been deemed critical to be stored offsite.  Backups begin automatically and your data is sent to and stored in two redundant SAS II 70 storage facilities located hundreds of miles apart. 



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